Summary of “Making a Great Craigslist Ad” Series

April 4, 2009

Let’s go for a recap of our mini-series; a “Sparknotes” version, if you will, of what we’ve been going over for the last few posts.

  1. Frequent Posting: make sure that you are posting and reposting your ads frequently every few days to ensure that your posts will be near the top of searches. Something EZ Posting can do for you!
  2. Relevant Information: Be sure to make your ad specific. Include price, number of bedrooms, and locatoin so viewers can find your house when they want a specific set of attributes in a property.
  3. Subtlety of Keywords: be sure to include keywords in your posts, but don’t do it in big list all at once! Incorporate the words into parts of your post; it makes you look more professional and gets you results.
  4. Use Good Pictures: Make sure that you use quality pictures. We talked about how to put those nice large photos into your ads, be sure to do it!
  5. No Picture Spamming: To go along with using those nice pictures, be sure to give your viewers a reason to contact you. If you barrage people with photos and information, they’ll never give you a call and you lose your chance to communicate with potential clients.

We at EZ Posting try to improve the ways that you get noticed on Craigslist and Backpage all the time so if you have any thoughts or questions, please contact us at or visit our website at


Making a Great Craigslist Ad (Part 3)

April 1, 2009

Now that we have covered some of the keys to good content, lets discuss more about making a great looking Craigslist ad. There are several ways to make your ad much more enticing to your viewers while not being over the top in your ad. Real Estate agents in particular are always looking for ways to improve their ad and get better pictures into their post. At EZ Posting we have a few rules that we like to follow to improve our ads and get better results. Rule #1: Good pictures = happier viewers.

First off, a lot of people wonder how some Craigslist ads have HUGE high definition photos that take up the whole screen while their own posts are limited to those low quality, four corner pics seen in most craigslist ad. It took me a long time to figure it out, but now that I know, it’s really quite simple.

  1.  Create a Photobucket account and upload the photos that you want to post in Craigslist
  2. After you have made your account and uploaded pics, copy the HTML code of found in the “share your image” section of the photobucket page
  3. Paste that HTML code into the BODY OF YOUR CRAIGSLIST AD. Don’t try and paste it into the image section, it won’t do anything.
  4. Repeat the HTML copy/paste process for the rest of your images.

You should write the description of whatever you are trying to sell first, then paste the HTML code below that. By pasting this text into the body of your post, Craigslist will “read” the text and convert it into the nice large image that you uploaded to Photobucket. Now you know!

The second rule for a good Craigslist image applies to the amount of  pictures that you put in your ad. So, rule #2: Don’t “Picture-Spam” your viewers. We want to give our viewers a reason to actually come see the property right? You want to put enough pictures in your ad to make it relevant and informative to your viewer, but you also don’t want to overload them with information or visual images. Give them a reason to call you!

At EZ Posting we use a great looking template that shows up as a nice advertisment on Craigslist and a gives you a high-quality professional look. To get more info on our service go to!

Making a Great Craigslist Ad (Part 2)

March 29, 2009

Now that we have discussed some of the keys to making your ads more visible on Craigslist ( frequency of posting and relevancy of information) we should talk a little bit more about what kind of keywords you should be using in your postsd. These are the kind of rules that we at EZ Posting follow when creating and posting ads.

First of all, what is the purpose of keywords? Generally we like to add keywords into Craigslist posts because of the way Craigslist’s search engine works. If you want more info on how it performs searches, please refer back to Part 1 of this series. What are good types of keywords to use in an ad? Things that identify your property, like location features. Make sure you have any nearby freeways, highways,  major streets or landmarks listed somewhere in your ad.  Also, to get your ad to show up on different searches, you can include some words that may or may not be applicable to your property. Using these keywords will broaden the ways that your post may be seen. However, it is important to recognize that there is a good way and a bad way to put these kind of keywords in your ad.

A tasteless way of doing it is to place a list of keywords at the end of your property description. Don’t do it.  For example, if you are advertising a 3/2 house with a large backyard in Gilbert, don’t put a list of words at the end of your property description like (pool, sport court, tempe, mesa, apache junction…etc.) It looks unprofessional, as if you’re getting paid by the number of times someone clicks on your post. This type of  “keyword overload”  is extremely popular with spammers, and you DON”T want your ads being associated with spammers.

There is a way to get that same list of words worked into your ad in a clean and professional way. Take the example of the 3/2 in Gilbert. Instead of a plain list, you can work the keywords into your ad in appealing way. “Large backyard gives opportunity for adding a sport court or pool. House is near Tempe border and is close to US 60 for easy access to both Apache Junction and Mesa“. See how that gives your reader a better feel for the property and gives you the same keywords in your post? Subtlety of kewords is the newest addition to our list of keys in the “Good Craigslist Ad” series. In the next blog we will be talking more about the image that your ad projects and how to improve it!

Making a Great Craigslist Ad (part 1)

March 27, 2009

I would like to explain what I think makes a great ad on Criagslist so you have a better idea of how to improve your use of Craigslist and Backpage.

A great ad is going to be one that gets viewed for the right reasons and frequently. To understand what I mean by right reasons you need to know a little bit about how Craigslist works as a search engine.

There are two main ways to find an ad on Craigslist. The first is by clicking on a link in the main screen like “Real Estate for sale”. Clicking on this will bring up all of the listings Craigslist has in its Real Estate section, in chronological order. That means you will see every post, regardless of geographic area or property type, from most recently posted to last posted. People who search this way are most likely browsing the titles that pop up, just looking to see if anything interesting is out there. Notice that because it is in chronological order, the ads most recently posted will show up the highest on searches. This is why you need to keep deleting and reposting you ad on Craigslist; you want it as high on these searches as possible to get the most visibility. So one important aspect of a great Craigslist ad is frequency of posting. The more frequently you post an ad, the more chance you have of getting viewed. is the service that offers to do this for you.

The second way of searching on Craigslist is by refining a search and using keywords. For example, after you click on “real estate for sale”, you can type keywords into the “search for” bar at the top of the screen to refine the search more. You can also select the price (min/max) and # of Bedrooms to refine further. So instead of plodding through 100s of ads, you could type in “Tempe house” with a max price of 200,000 and 3 bedrooms. This refines a search significantly and is used by more serious viewers who are looking for specific properties to fit their budget and needs.

So the second key to a great ad is relevancy of information. Be sure to include a price with your post, as well as specific information about the property you are listing. Next time I will elaborate on some techniques that can improve the number of views you can get on Craigslista and Backpage.